Avoni Technology SIA, as a leading IT solution and service provider has over 100 employees and outsourced consultants around the world, and provides innovation information technology, enabled solutions and services to meet the demands arising from social transformation, shaping new life styles for individuals and creating values for the society.

Focusing on software technology, Avoni provides industry solutions and product engineering solutions, related software products & platforms, and services.

Avoni helps industry customers establish best practices in business development and management. The industries Avoni serves include telecom, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, trade logistics, healthcare, education, transportation, mobile Internet, media, environment protection, etc., in many of which, Avoni has a leading market share.

About Latvia

Latvia is a small, beautiful and charming country locating near the Baltic sea, with its capital city - Riga.
Riga has been a cultural centre for decades and the culture life is very rich today.
The city presents fascinating experiences for every taste in art, music, theatre or design and a broad range of cultural activities all year around.
More than one third of Latvia’s population lives in Riga; it is also home for the country’s largest manufacturers, as well as central government and administration boards.
Latvia has four seasons - snowy winter, green spring, warm summer, and colourful autumn. Latvia’s landscape is marked by lowland plains, rolling hills, thousands of rivers and lakes and thus it is considered as one of the greenest countries in Europe.

This is an attractive country with warm and friendly people, interesting traditions, beautiful nature and safe environment,
where everyone can enjoy their time.